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» » » » Samsung Z4: The latest low-cost phone from the house of Samsung

 In the last few years, if there has been any product in demand, it is only a cell phone. Well, with the time, there have been many changes noted in this small device also. There was a time when basic phones were much in demand, but in the present scenario, the smartphone has been in demand. The majority of the smartphones are with the Android only as an operating device. Among the top companies who have got major share of the mobile market one of the companies is Samsung.

Samsung is, undoubtedly, one of the most loved cell phone brands of all time. During the phase where the market was flooded with Nokia devices, Samsung came up with its newest set of phones which was a refreshing break from the usual Nokia phones. The brand was welcomed by people with open arms, and soon Samsung started selling like a hot cake. The stylish and sleek Samsung handsets were on everyone’s wish list. The company also kept an eye on the market and provided new models with different features to satisfy the buyers from different categories.

With onset of Smartphone phase, Samsung became the market leader and shared huge chunk of the market. The Samsung Android phones were not only aesthetically appealing but also had some excellent features. Soon they started ruling the smartphone market. What contributes to the huge success of the brand is the affordability sector. Samsung caters to all the segments of the market from low-cost and middle range to high-end smartphones. The Samsung phones offer brilliant camera, storage and RAM, which is one of the reasons why it outperforms the competition that Chinese brands provide.

The brand has come up with the latest phone quite recently in the low-cost segment. The brand-new device from Samsung i.e. Samsung Z4 was unveiled on 19th May 2017. There wasalso a lot of buzz around the phone even before the launch, and after its launch, it would be interesting to see the response of people.

Here’s a look at the features and specifications of the phone:

Display and screen

Samsung Z4 device comes with a 4.5-inch medium touchscreen along with 16 M colours wherein screen-to-body ratio is 62.7%. The device offers a screen resolution of 480 x 800 pixels with 207 ppi. The device recognizes multi-touch and weighs around 143 grams. The dimensions of the device consist of 132.9 x 69.2 x 10.3 mm. The device is available in only two exclusive colours of Gold and Black.  Hence for the Samsung lovers who want to use it for formal use, there is a black model while those who love to have casual use can go for the gold one.


The software of the Samsung Z4 is quite efficient. Since the software is responsible for running the device, powerful software is a pre-requisite for a Smartphone. The device works on Tizen 3.0 operating system. Samsung Z4 is packed with a powerful 1.5 GHz Quad-core processor. It provides 1 GB RAM which is relatively less in comparison to others, but fine with a device in low range. For the casual users, the device in this range can surely offer better performance than many others in the market.


The camera of Samsung Z4 is the plus point of the device. The handset flaunts a 5MP rear camera with LED flash and f/2.2. The distinguishing feature of the camera is that it offers a 5MP front camera as well. It is rare to find a device in low range that offers the 5MP camera. Among the other features of the camera, one can find panorama, HDR, face detection and geo-tagging. The video recording can be done at 720 @ 30 fps. Hence, for those, who have a habit of getting different images and shoot videos frequently, this can be a perfect device.

Battery and storage

A powerful battery support and good storage capacity are pre-requisites of a smartphone as in the absence of any one of them; the purpose is not solved. Though it is a budget Smartphone, Samsung Z4 doesn’t fail to impress on both the fronts.

This beautiful device comes with an internal memory of 8GB along with an expandable capacity of 128GB, which can be done with the help of a micro SD card. This makes Samsung Z4 one of the rarest phones to offer 8GB internal memory in the low-price range. Hence, now those users, who do not want to go for the high-end phone can also have a device with high memory.

This smartphone is packed with a removable li-ion 2050 mAh battery, which gives long endurance even in the standby mode. Despite low mAh battery, it is much known for its stunning performance when it comes to the use of the smartphone.

Connectivity Options

The device comes in 2 variants of single SIM and dual SIM for people with varied preferences. Among the connectivity options, one can find Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct, HSPA, GPS, LTE, GSM and FM Radio with micro USB port. Hence as far as the connectivity is concerned, it is fully loaded with all the connectivity features.


Samsung Z4 price in India is around Rs.5790 which has placed the phone in low-cost range making it one of the cheapest devices from Samsung. It seems promising and might perform well due to limited competition.


Samsung Z4 definitely seems to be one of the best picks in the lower segment. The internal storage of 8GB at such low price is impeccable. One more feature which must be noted is the camera which offers both rear and front 5 MP cameras. The device looks promising but only time will tell the fate of the device since it is newly launched. It would take some time for people to buy and use it which can ascertain the real performance of the device. But it has what it takes to survive in competition. For people with limited budget, it is the best choice.

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