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» » Apple iPhone SE 3 Gets A Hefty Discount Of Rs. 27,000 On Flipkart

iPhones are the initial choice that springs to mind when searching for luxury cell phones on the market. Apple introduced the iPhone SE 3 to appeal to those who need high-end specifications at an inexpensive price. 

While being much less expensive than previous iPhones, it cannot be termed a midrange smartphone owing to its relatively high pricing. But, an exceptional discount is presently available on the iPhone SE 3 at Flipkart! This smartphone's pricing is comparable to that of an entry-level midrange smartphone.

The iPhone SE 3 is also available with incredible exchange and bank discounts, making it one of the most affordable smartphones on the market. Hence, below are the iPhone SE 3 offer specifics.

The 64GB edition of the iPhone SE 3 is initially listed on Flipkart at Rs. 49,900. But, the price has been reduced by Flipkart. It is now available for only Rs. 17201 on Flipkart! The iPhone SE 3 is originally available on Flipkart with a substantial discount and can be purchased for only Rs. 32699. You may further cut the price of the iPhone SE 3 by taking advantage of Flipkart's additional deals.

The iPhone SE 3 is also available on Flipkart via a trade-in program. You may get a discount of up to Rs. 27000 by trading in your old smartphone. Nevertheless, you must input your postal code to see whether the exchange offer is accessible in your area. 

Also, the exchange discount is dependent on the smartphone's type and condition. Combining these incentives reduces the price of the iPhone SE 3 to Rs. 17201, which is a reasonable price for a mid-range smartphone!

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